HGPD Senior Rep Program


We are SO pumped to announce our 2019 Senior Rep Program... we have some BIG plans for this coming year and to kick it off we are headed on an adventure this April with the chosen juniors who will represent HGPD for CLASS OF 2019!!


Don't miss your chance to snag a exclusive spot as a HGPD SENIOR REP. We have lots of bonuses and exciting plans for 2019 SENIORS. 

Trying to decide if we will be a great fit... here's a few things to think about...

  1. Do you like to have fun? Want to be adventurous?
  2. Are you excited for your senior year?
  3. Love being in front of the camera and having a good time?

If you answered YES to any of those, we can't wait to hear from you!!

APPLY BELOW, chosen Senior Reps will be invited to an Adventurous Senior Rep shoot in a secret location, happening THIS APRIL, and lots of details to come. We encourage both GIRLS & GUYS to apply, but girls you will be excited to hear we have teamed up with PEARL JUNKIE again this year!!

Apply no later than March 16th. Senior Reps will be announced on or before March 30th.

What Our 2017 Seniors Had to Say!

Holly Gannett Seniors from Leslee Layton Films on Vimeo.

SENIORS CLASS OF 2019 — We are incredibly pumped for you to apply!! Please fill out the application COMPLETELY.